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What is there not to love about a Hawaiian shirt!. ..It's no secret that a Hawaiian shirt is one of the best things to wear during the summer.

First of all, it's friendly in hot weather; the short sleeves and loose fit mean your body won't be suffocating under a heavy knit or tight fabric. But it's not just that you'll stay comfortable—you'll also look good doing it. And today's Hawaiian shirts (sometimes with a classic aloha pattern, sometimes just more of a "cool, printed shirt") are exceptionally easy to work into any wardrobe.

Our Hawaii themed prints can cover a wide variety of subjects with unique color schemes tailored to each theme.

  • Open collar
  • Genuine coconut shell buttons
  • Cool light weight fabric
  • Easy care
  • Matching pocket

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Please make sure to read the sizing chart before ordering to avoid ordering wrong sizes


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  • Please make sure to read the sizing chart before ordering to avoid ordering the wrong sizes
  • If for some reason, you’re not happy with our products, don’t hesitate to contact us at support@4zoutfitters.com, we are always here to help and provide you with the best after-sale service!
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